Struggling to share team knowledge?

Humble helps improve knowledge sharing and documentation.

"Is this for me?"
If your team wants to start or improve how you document and share knowledge, Humble can help.

Why teams struggle with their knowledge base.
Hint: It's not the tool, it's the process.

When teams don't find their knowledge base or documentation helpful, these are the problem we see:


We have a lot on our plates these days and remembering to recap everything is usually not top of mind.


It's frustrating write down answers to questions only to have people not be aware of the solutions.


Search kind of works, the folder structure is a mess, and is this all up-to-date or even relevent anymore?


Humble 🎉

Humble is an active documentation solution to help engage, promote, and organize knowledge within your team.

Active Documentation

Wish more people were involved in your knowledge base? Ask a question. Humble asks you and your team each week, in various forms, "What did you learn this week?". We slowly start building documentation together this way.

Visibility and Recognition

Humble collects and shares what your team has learned that week via a team newletter. Quick tips or long guides, what your team learns needs visibility.

Self Organizing

Most documentation platforms just grow and grow. Humble analyzes your knowledge based and periodically asks your team to review notes that might need an update or can be safely archived.

Humble is free to try.

Sign up for an invite. We would love to hear your ideas as we build.

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